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Lohmann presents its new product solutions at the MosBuild 2017
On the occasion of the MosBuild, which will be held in Moscow from April 4 to 7, 2017, Lohmann’s market segment Building and Renewables presents its wide range of products and several new innovations.

2017_MosBuild.jpgThe exhibition will feature over 1,200 Russian and international manufacturers and suppliers of building and finishing materials. In hall 3, pavilion 2, the "Bonding Engineers" will present innovative adhesive solutions designed specifically for the construction industry.

Innovative building materials, modern design trends and easy handling - the construction industry is faced with many challenges these days. In order to meet these optimally, the market segment Building and Renewables has introduced many new products, some of which will be presented at the MosBuild. One of these is DuploCOLL® SLIDE. DuploCOLL® SLIDE is a considerable simplification of the well-known option of dry-glazing with adhesive tape (Dry Static Bonding (DSB)). This new product development will be presented at the MosBuild. The adhesive tape used in the window casement had so far been sprayed with water in order to allow a subsequent positioning of the glazing by means of blocks. On the water film, the pane of glass could then be “wedged” into the desired position. However, in this case, this involves the risk of using an incorrect dosage of the water mixtures, and, at low temperatures, the water might freeze before the “wedging” process. This is where the SLIDE system from Lohmann’s "Bonding Engineers" comes into play. It allows blocking without the use of water. During extrusion, a second, thicker layer is applied to the profile, parallel to the established DSB layer. The usual blocking procedure is thus possible as standard and without further measures.

Lohmann’s above mentioned Dry Static Bonding (DSB) solutions are already well-established in the construction industry. DSB is based on the bonding of insulating glass, where the pane of glass is bonded directly into the window casement with a high-performance tape. DuploCOLL® 56000 here replaces the gasket, and reinforcing profiles are no longer necessary whereby improved optical constructions are possible. The permanent, weather-resistant bonding solution ensures a durable and energy-efficient window construction.

All in all, at the MosBuild 2017, the Lohmann experts will present a wide range of products for the construction industry and are naturally also available for more detailed discussions.

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