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Welcome to Lohmann UK!

Lohmann produces high-tech bonding technology: double-sided adhesive tapes, transfer films and reactive adhesive systems.

They may be invisible, but Lohmann adhesive products are all around us. This is because the active use of adhesives is becoming a rapidly growing trend in the industrial sector. The advantages of adhesive technology are clear: it is light, clean and above all safe. Thanks to the precise adhesive strength, individual components are bonded efficiently and with unprecedented accuracy, ensuring customers receive the best possible solutions. From adhesive manufacturing to process integration – "The Bonding Engineers" are your ideal contacts on any subject, from global specification work through individual product development to innovative adhesive designs. The adhesive experts from the Lohmann Tape Group cover the entire value chain and enable customer-focused solutions to be found.

Lohmann is a globally operating company and has been active in the United Kingdom since 1992.
Lohmann Technologies UK is based in Knowlhill, Milton Keynes and offers tailor-made technical adhesive solutions for manufacturers, designers and OEM customers. With our product range we serve a wide range of sectors, such as for example, the automotive, consumer goods, construction and electronics industries.

Lohmann Technologies UK acquired Katco Limited in December 2012 and welcomes it´s new colleagues. Katco is a specialist solution provider, converting materials used in electronics shielding and insulation applications. One the company’s specialties is to stock and convert Kapton® Polyimide films. Kapton® polyimide film possesses a unique combination of properties. Other specialist technical materials include, Cerlix®, Mylar®, Mylar® and Melinex® Polyester Films, Teflon® FEP, PFA and ETFE films, Nomex, Mica, FORMEX™ FR polypropylene roll & sheet.



Learn more about the latest developments of the "Bonding Engineers".


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